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AnE is a comprehensive all-in-one Fertility HUD for Males, Females, Hermaphrodites, Andromorphs, and Gynomorphs to supplement your role-playing with menus to engage with your partner, and others while flirting with the chance of pregnancy.
Using the HUD's intercourse functionality, you can augment your role-play messages that you and your partner receive using various story options; you can mount, penetrate, thrust, climax, and then pull out or continue for more fun.
The risk of pregnancy is real, and your births construct a family tree that is visible to other AnE users. This is MORE than a Fertility HUD; a complete roleplaying system that features stats integration, item usage, and a customizable roleplay titler; the possibilities are endless.


  • Genders - Supports ALL genders (Males, Females, Hermaphrodites, Andromorphs, and Gynomorphs).
  • Breeding Gardens – An item that is used to designate a location for increased compatibility that grows with heavier traffic within the area. Take advantage of the buff with your potential partners or others in the area!
  • Multiple Copulations – Capable of engaging in intercourse with more than one individual at a time; intelligent tracking between sessions that know which orifices are being used by who for which purpose; and with advanced event chaining, an orgasm can be felt by all in your session.
  • RLV Bellies - Based on pregnancies and fluids; abdomen sizes are calculated off anal, oral, vaginal pregnancies or amount of fluids.
  • Searching Capabilities – AnE HUD offers multiple different options for searching for individuals on the HUD such as our Global Search, Nearby Search, Garden Search, Online Users (With Fertility status).
  • RLV Character/Outfit Switching – The HUD allows you to easily switch your complete avatar when switching characters; you can even control it down to the outfit. This also allows for stripping of clothing during copulation/intercourse with your partner.
  • Items – Items will always provide a myriad of features and functionality to the HUD; such as Aging Potions, Essence & Arousal Boosters, and other consumable items.
  • Breeding Stories – A roleplay element that integrates aspects of you and your partner’s character into a dialog driven story to enhance your copulation and intercourse experience.
  • Realistic Compatibility – Makes use of a taxonomical classification as a basis of compatibility between species and factors additional character attributes to determine compatibility.
  • Pregnancy – Process of conceiving is a complex and heavily calculated system, which involves multiple factors of character compatibility. If you would like to understand this concept check out our wiki!
  • Family - To become part of a family, you must be offered a position in the family that was made available by a recent birth. Births are the result of sexual intercourse between two individuals; therefore, accepting a birth offer as an entry point into a family.
  • If you cannot find a family, there are options to choose Spawn; and if your species does not exist, contact creator to have it added in.
  • RolePlayer – Displays character information above your head along with allowing for full customization on how it is displayed. Includes OOC and Away statuses built-in that can be used easily.
  • Stats HUD – Displays your characters stats in real-time such as your heath, defense, consciousness, strength, arousal, essence, and even if you are fertile! It provides a minimal appearance that aesthetically fits AnE’s design.

Highly Advised to join the AnE Fertility HUD Group! You will get information on updates, notices of changes, and a place to ask general question and get help from other uses. If assistance is needed or have suggestion, dropping a message with the creator is never a problem.

What To Expect:

Wear the HUD right out of your received inventory; no need to unpack. HUD will attach to the lower center of the screen. Please glance at the Manual to understand the menus.

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